Joan Miro’ Exhibition in Rome 2012

miròA new major exhibition in the Sale of Bramante is dedicated to Miro’, that from 16th March to 10th June 2012 will color the capital with splendid works of the painter.
Consisting of 80 works of the Catalan painter, some of which are true previews, because they have never been hosted in Italy.
The exhibition of Miro’ in Rome in 2012, however, will not have only oils but also watercolor paintings, bronze statues and pottery and takes the title of Poetry and Light, just to underline what the painter’s artistic production is indeed related to the element light, constantly present factor in the works of Miro’ from the beginning.
In this show in Rome, there is a complete excursus on the works of Miro, whose production is concentrated in the years since the early twentieth century until 1981. An important period in the life of the artist who is well underlined by the exhibition of Miro in Rome is the one of the thirty years that the artist went to Mallorca, from 1956 until his death in 1983. A very happy and fruitful period for the artist, during which he realizes some of his most famous works, taking their inspiration from nature and vitality that surrounds him in Majorca.
Another feature that characterizes the Miro exhibition in Rome in 2012 is the intent of the editors to reproduce in the exhibition spaces the room where Mirò created his masterpieces. mirò pictureIn the reconstruction there are tools and objects perfectly preserved thanks to the original work of Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation, just like a few decades ago could appear to the eyes of the master.
The exhibition of Joan Miro’ in Rome will be open daily from 16th March to 10th June 2012 from hours 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Saturday and Sunday closing at 11 PM). For guided tours, for the exhibition catalog and other information you can visit the official website www.mostramiro.it
The Joan Miro Rome 2012 is far from Colors Hotel only less then 1 Km, so what better accommodatiion in Rome to visit this wonderfoul exhibition!

Joan Miro Exhibition Rome 2012
March 16th -10th June 2012

Cloister of Bramante
Arco della Pace, Rome

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