The sea of ​​Rome. Where to go to the beach near the capital

Summer has begun since one month, the weather is true hot too, so for those are on holiday in Rome and want to get away a bit by the beauty (and also by the heat) of the Capital …. even Rome has its own sea not so far.

We point four places easy reachable from Rome with public transportation. Starting from the best beach and sea ( but also the farther ), Sperlonga, until the other places like Santa Marinella, Ostia and Fregene. If possible, it’s advisable to avoid the crowd on Saturday and Sunday during the months of July and August.



Beautiful sea. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful town. Our favorite place among those described below. Sperlonga, located at south of capital is a bit farther from Rome than the other places, but do a few more kilometers worth.
Sperlonga is often inserted in the Blue Flags that certify the quality of the sea and beaches: which is a guarantee. Most of the beaches of Sperlonga are private so you have to pay to enter.

Sperlonga is a delightful town, with narrow streets that climb the hill from the sea. At the center there is all the liveliness of a seaside popular village. Not surprisingly, Sperlonga was often visited by the Emperor Tiberius, who had a villa here, the remains of which are still open to visitors.

To reach the sea of ​​Sperlonga from Rome you have to take a train from Termini Station and get off at the station Fondi-Sperlonga (it takes just over an hour). So take one of the buses which pass by the station to the sea.

Santa Marinella


Santa Marinella is located at north of Rome. About an hour of regional train from Termini station. Once you get off at the station of Santa Marinella, it takes five minutes to walk to the beach and the sea is nearby.

At Santa Marinella there are beautiful sandy beaches. Being a seaside town very close to Rome, the weekend the beaches of Santa Marinella are very crowded. The pleasant town of Santa Marinella is full of bars, shops and excellent seafood restaurants.

Little more about Santa Marinella (less than a dozen kilometers) you can get to another beatiful place in the “sea of ​​Rome”: Santa Severa, town famous also for its castel located right on the seaside.

santa severa 2



Fregene is considered the “pearl of the Roman coast” and offers much being so close to Rome. It has in fact equipped beaches of all types and for all tastes, for young people, with open spaces and theme days, and especially areas for water sports.
This town has a wide an array of bars and restaurants, more or less famous, which invite you to taste specialties strictly fish. Salads, garlic bread but also pasta dishes, stews or for those who want to eat light.
Fregene has the look of an elegant lady, ready to meet the needs of anyone who wants to experience the sea: cocktails at sunset on the beach, beach volleyball and tennis or just walking.

The most direct way to Fregene from Rome is by bus. Get on one of the blue regional buses at the terminal next to the Cornelia metro station, west of Vatican City. Travel time is about 35 minutes. The bus stops in the center of town along the Viale Castellammare, Fregene’s main thoroughfare, which bristles with cafes and beach-wear boutiques.

Trains leave from the Termini, the main station in central Rome. Take a train to the Maccarese station then a bus to nearby Fregene. Be sure to check the train and bus schedules upon your arrival for departure times back to Rome.

Ostia Lido


From a geographical point of view Ostia is the nearest sea to Rome. Indeed, the sea of ​​Rome, Ostia is because part of the city of Rome.

At Ostia there are both free beaches but also paying beaches, complete with bar and swimming pools that serve as alternative to the sea. The sand is dark and the sea is suitable for bathing even for the little ones also if it isn’t at the level of Sperlonga.

The sea of ​​Ostia is easily accessible from Rome by public transport. Just take the Rome Metro Line B, until the Piramide stop; then take the train to Ostia-Lido. Get off at Ostia Star. And if you have the time we recommend you take a visit to Ostia Antica.

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